How to Rate and Review an iTunes Podcast in Under 4 Minutes!


read to lead solid gold 1If you’ve listened to the Read to Lead Podcast and you love it, here’s how to rate and review the podcast in iTunes in less than 4 minutes!


Step 1: Go to the iTunes Preview page for my podcast.

Step 2: Click the “View in iTunes” button. It looks like this:

iTunes Preview

Click to enlarge

You’ll then see this page:

iTunes How to Review

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Step 3: You may have to click the Subscribe button you see here (if you haven’t already) in order to review the podcast (not sure).  Either way, clicking that subscribe button would also make me very happy.

Step 4: Click the Ratings and Review tab as in the image above

Step 5: Rate the podcast by selecting 1 to 5 stars (give it 5 stars and I will mention you in a future podcast)

Step 6: Write a brief (1 to 3 sentences), honest review


I am very grateful for your help. This means a lot to me so thank you VERY much!


Probably don’t wanna enlarge this one


Jeff Brown

Host, the Read to Lead Podcast

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  • Mike Keith

    OK, now how do I rate it without downloading ITunes, because I don’t have nor ever will have any reason to download it, but I like a podcast that I receive from their website, or through RSS and want to help them out by rating them

    • Great question Mike.

      There are many other platforms a podcast can be listened on, not all of them offering a true ratings system (iTunes is by far the most widely-used).

      However, a second option would be Stitcher. You can see some examples if you go here:

      Thanks so much for your question, and I hope you’re enjoying the podcast.

      • Mike Keith

        No, I know that, the podcast I listen to needs/wants more ITunes ratings, and I wanted to help them out. I just went ahead and made an account, which required my credit card. No big deal.

        • Sorry, Mike, I misunderstood. Yes, as you discovered, you must have an account to leave a review.

          So, tell me more about this podcast you rated? I’m always looking for more to listen to.

          Also, do you happen to listen to my podcast (found here on this site)? If not, would love for you to check it out (and Rate and Review if you like it).

          Thanks Mike.

  • Nancy Churchill

    Hey, thanks for this information! I’m new to podcasts, and was looking to review another podcast (Alex Charfan’s Momentum for Entrepreneurial Personality Types) and could not figure out how to review … Happy to have found YOU, and looking forward to listening to one of your podcasts in the near future!