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First off, thanks for dropping by. Let us begin by sharing why this podcast exists in the first place. Simply put:

The Read to Lead Podcast is based on the belief that intentional and consistent reading is key to success in business and in life.”

If we have a world view, that’s it exactly. Our goal is to bring you key thoughts and insights from those we consider to be among today’s brightest minds: our generation’s nonfiction and business book authors.

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Each week, we discuss our guest’s latest book, and get their unique perspective on Leadership, Business, Personal Development, Marketing, Career and Entrepreneurship. If you love reading, or desire to do more of it, then consider this podcast your audio Cliff’s Notes.

The Read to Lead Podcast is a Top 3 podcast in iTunes (Careers) and has cracked the Top 10 among all business podcasts combined! Several years into our journey, and the show consistently ranks in the Top 30 of all Management & Marketing podcasts.

If you’re new to the show, see below for a list of some of our more popular episodes to get you started. If you’re short on time and aren’t sure this content is right for you, then my brief introductory episode should answer any questions you may have without requiring a great time commitment on your part.

Ultimately, we hope that you desire to learn new things and are ready to maybe even have your ideas or traditional way of doing things challenged along the way. If you come to each episode with that kind of mindset, we think you’ll be primed to grow and stretch as a leader.

Some of my most popular episodes include

  1. Episode #066 – An interview with Seth Godin
  2. Episode #108 – An interview with John Maxwell
  3. Episode #100 – The Top 10 Leadership Lessons Learned after 100 Episodes (highlights from popular episodes)
  4. Episode #116 – My Experience with Anxiety (solo episode)
  5. Episode #111 – The 5 Best Business Books of 2015 (solo episode)

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