Episode #175: The 4 Best Interviews from the First 4 Years

Including Margie Warrell, Ray Edwards, Seth Godin and Simon Sinek

After 175 episodes, it’s safe to say I have a few favorites that stand out. That said, it’s tough narrowing down such a list to just four interviews.

Why four? Well, this weekend marks the 4th Anniversary of the Read to Lead Podcast. I’ve decided, therefore, to celebrate by picking my four favorite interviews during that time, one from each year.

4th Anniversary

I hope you’ll enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Join in on our chat below

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My four favorite interviews, one each from the first four years, include:

  • My chat with Simon Sinek in Episode #043
  • My hero, Seth Godin, who came to visit in Episode #066
  • Next is a guy who’s become a mentor and friend, Ray Edwards, from Episode $119
  • And, more recently, two-time guest Margie Warrell from Episode #168

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The Best Interview from Each Year

To hear any of these four interviews in their entirely, simply visit the original show notes page for each episode.

===>> Simon Sinek – EP #043

Find out more about Simon at his website.

===>> Seth Godin – EP #066

Seth blogs daily over here.

===>> Ray Edwards – EP #119

Ray writes and podcasts at his personal website.

===>> Margie Warrell – EP #168

You can find out more on Margie here.

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