Episode #066: Seth Godin Shares Wisdom from His New Book: What to do When it’s Your Turn

Seth GodinYou might have to pinch me because, as hard as it is for me to believe, Seth Godin is indeed appearing on the podcast today.

He is easily my favorite business book author of all time and to have him here is nothing short of a thrill for me.

Seth is the author of 17 bestsellers (soon to be 18 no doubt) that have been translated into 35 languages. He’s the founder of several companies, a member of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and an influential speaker around the world.

He writes about treating people with respect, the changing economy and ideas that spread. Mostly, he creates projects, many of which end up failing.

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In today’s episode, Seth will share how to:

  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Resolve often knowing you can with not always believing you can
  • Handle criticism of your work
  • And much more!

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Seth in Action

You can see Seth in action in one of his three TED talks here.

Seth Godin’s Book

You can order your copy of What to do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn) and find out more about the book right now.


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Resources Seth Recommends

Tom Peters

Seth Godin Resources

The best place to find out more about Seth is at his super popular blog.

You can also visit his business website.

Follow  on Twitter…@ThisIsSethsBlog.

Be sure to check out this entrepreneurial 15-episode podcast series from Seth called Startup School.

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  • Dan Caldwell

    Loved today’s interview with Seth! One of my takeaways was that he is curious to find where his BAD ideas come from, because if he has enough bad ideas, he’ll have a few GOOD ideas as well. (That’s why I want to win a copy of his new book

    • Awesome Dan! I’m so glad you liked it. One of the highlights of my career for sure.

  • Kurt Francom

    Everyone needs a dose of Godin at least once a week (10 out of 10 doctors agree). I need to start today, I need to ship what I create. This book can show me how and that is why I need a copy of this book.

    • Yes Kurt! Thanks for the comment and for listening. I thought Seth really packed this episode with tons of value.

  • Chef Craig

    Excellent episode Jeff! Your excellent skills as an interviewer and Seth’s wisdom and humility is a great combination!

    • Wow, thanks Craig! Really appreciate that.

  • Hi Jeff, I really enjoy the work you are doing! This is by far one of the best episodes yet, because of your guest, your insightful questions and your personal comments at the beginning of the podcast. Thank you fro all of the work that you put into these amazing podcasts! I’ve just purchased 3 of Seth’s new book. Happy new Year!

    • That’s wonderful news Carlos. Thanks too for you kind comments and feedback. It’s very much appreciated.

  • Hi Jeff! I’ve been an iTunes subscriber of Read to Lead for awhile and I love your relaxed interview style as well as your valuable recommendations, but today’s interview with Seth Godin really energized me! I would love to receive a copy of his new book to read and then share with others just as Seth hopes readers will do. Thanks for your great curation!

    • Thank you Lisa! Some times I’ve taken flack for that relaxed style. 😉 Glad to know it can be energizing at the same time. Thank you for listening.

  • Cheryl Crosby Boncimino

    Hi Jeff, happy new year! Thank you so very much for having one of my most favorite authors on RTLP this week- Seth Godin! I had the good fortune of seeing him in person a while ago when Poke the Box was released and can say that he definitely makes me thirsty to drink from the fountain of knowledge and live the full life that comes from being open to and embracing change.

    I would LOVE to have a copy of his latest book because I am in the midst of an enormous transition in my life and career and would benefit from the creative energy that I’m certain it will impart to me. A new frontier always challenges our mindset and causes us to attain new skills and develop tools to thrive- Seth’s book may be my survivalist’s guide to a full life in my new environment!

    Thank you Jeff for helping me stay afloat in the sea of books out there. Love the show!

    Best wishes for record-breaking year!
    Cheryl Boncimino
    (Don’t be shy- just say “Bon-chee-MEE-no”!) 🙂

    • Wonderful Cheryl. And you’re quite welcome. Glad the show is helping you find the diamonds in the rough.

  • Beth Phillips

    As always, thoughtful, insightful questions, Jeff. I loved Seth’s explanation for our resistance to change. I would love a copy of his new book because I’m one of the last people on the planet who hasn’t read any of his books.

    • Whoa Beth! That does put you in the minority, at least among podcast-listening, business-book-loving, weirdos like me. 🙂

  • Beth Phillips

    Yeah Jeff, possibly a minority of one. But, I promise to catch up…18 books you say?

    • Yep. Mind you, I’ve not read ALL of them. 😉

  • Thank you Jeff.
    I just won this book from from another giveaway and I look forward to reading it.
    I follow you on Twitter and just learned of your podcast via Jeff Goins on Facebook.
    I subscribed and downloaded this episode. Only listened to the first few seconds so far, but Seth saying, “No one asked for a Seth Godin” really caught my attention and got me thinking.
    I plan on ordering this book away later so I can give them away.
    Currently I have his Linchpin book and read his blog daily.
    Taking complex thoughts and putting them in a simple form that draws me in.
    If I won this book I would give it away to a friend who is taking business now and graduating this fall.
    I am glad Jeff posted that link. We get to read so much of Seth, but it is another to hear him.
    Thank you again Sir. I look forward to future podcast episodes.

    – Christopher Battles

    • Thank you Chris. Jeff is a good friend. So stoked you enjoyed it and I really appreciate your kind words.

  • Nice one! Looking forward to checking out the book.

    • Thanks David. Highlight of my year for sure. Uh oh! It’s only January?! Rats!

  • Great episode Jeff! I have literally never read a book by Seth but I’ve listened to him quite a bit on podcasts so thanks for the encouragement to pick up some of his books!

    • Thank you Brendan. I would recommend Linchpins first. It’s one of my all-time favs.

  • Cheval John

    This was an excellent episode, Jeff. Really learned a lot here and the podcast was so refreshing.

    • Thanks so much Cheval. Really appreciate you listening and chiming in. Cheers!

      • Cheval John

        You are welcome, Jeff. Jared Easley shared the link and the episode was really excellent.

  • Great episode! Thank you. This quote sums up my vision for 2015: “We don’t take action because we believe. We believe because we take action. Do first. Believe second.”
    – Seth Godin

    • Excellent Dina! Thanks for your kind comment. Really appreciate it.

  • Jack Macholl

    Jeff, just listened to the show with Seth, well done. I was particularly inspired by his comment about making yourself uncomfortable and learning how to create this book with In Design. Keep the great material coming and happy new year to you.

    • Thanks very much Jack. I always appreciate you engaging in conversation here on the blog. Thanks!

  • Brett Parry

    It’s all your fault Jeff Brown. I am now back to reading thanks to you and the podcast. It is having a dramatic impact on my mindset, opening up opportunities everywhere. I would love to add this book to the collection. Thanks for all you do as always.

    • Thank YOU Brett! I really appreciate your support (and the occasional dinners at Chuy’s). 😉

  • LOVED this episode, Jeff! So many great pieces of wisdom. My favorite was “I don’t want to be remembered for what I did. I want to be remembered for what my students taught other people.” So, so good!

    • You’re the best Tammy! I really appreciate all your encouragement the last year plus. Thanks!

  • I’ve listened to lots of Seth Godin interviews but this really was the best I’ve heard. Seriously. Well done.

    • Oh wow! Thanks Bill! That means a lot coming from you.

  • Ed Snyder

    Great discussion. I’ve been following Seth Godin for years and this was one of the top discussions I’ve heard. I really need to read the book, sounds like just what I need be reading at this season of my life.

    • Wow, thanks Ed. I really appreciate it.

  • That’s awesome Brad. Thanks for sharing that.

  • Jeff, this is the first episode I listened to. I heard you on Erin Smith’s show, The Starters Club…I am now a subscriber and a listener. I’d like to win a copy of Seth’s book, because I’ve been stuck in a few areas in my business, and I believe the book might help with that. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to connecting with you some day for a little training maybe ( I currently have two podcasts).

    • Hey Nick. Sorry for my lateness in responding to you. Unfortunately, the contest was over when your comment came in. So sorry about that. I really appreciate you listening to the show!

      Cool that you have not one but TWO podcasts. Wow! Let me know if/how I can help. Also, for another chance at winning some free books, you can leave a question for author Jeff Goins here: http://readtoleadpodcast.com/question.

      Jeff will be answering listener questions on an upcoming bonus episode. If I include yours, you’ll have a shot at winning 3 books from previous guests.

      Either way, you can pick up Jeff’s new book free (you only pay shipping) now through March 23, 2015. Just go to http://readtoleadpodcast.com/artofwork.


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