Episode #146: Be Obsessed or Be Average with Grant Cardone

Today’s guest is unlike anyone I’ve ever had the chance to interview. 

Grant Cardone suggests that everything we’ve been told since we were young about success and wealth is essentially bunk. That burnout, and the need for time off and balance are all myths. He addresses this and more in his new book called, Be Obsessed or Be Average

grant cardone

Burnout, for example, is often felt only when someone else suggests you should. “You’d better be careful or you’re going to burn yourself out.” If you think the burnout is real, it really just means you’re no longer doing something you’re purposed to do. In other words, it’s time to move on to something else. 

And to the naysayers and haters, those who are going to be critical, envious, and even worse? Grant says they’re just people who have given up on their dreams and are simply spending their lives trying to get others to give up on theirs. Whoa!

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Episode #132: Self-Help for the Rest of Us with Terry Lancaster

From the #1 bestseller Better!

terry lancasterMy guest today lives in my town, but we’ve never met. His name is Terry Lancaster.

Suffice it to say it won’t be long before we do meet face-to-face. He’s pretty awesome.

He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and #1 best selling author. He helps salespeople and entrepreneurs create better lives and build better businesses one step at a time using the power of habit, focus and flow.

He is a TEDx speaker and his articles have appeared in Forbes and The Good Men Project.

Terry’s #1 bestselling book is Better! Self-Help for the Rest of Us.

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Episode #124: The Secret to Solving Your Toughest Sales Challenges

With Tim Sanders

tim sandersPrior to sitting down with Tim Sanders for the first time, I knew very little about him.

An earlier book he’d written, Love is the Killer App, was one I’d heard good things about but had not yet read.

In the case of Tim’s new book, Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges, many people I respected were talking about it in my Facebook and Twitter feeds. People like Chris Brogan, David Burkus and Michael Port among others. I knew I had to investigate and consider inviting him onto the show.

The topic of sales is not one that comes up on this podcast often. However, if my experience as a leader has taught me anything, it’s that everyone is essentially in sales now. Meaning, the silo’d days of old are over. In Dealstorming, Tim suggests that “one of your most important leadership missions is to overcome the bias against cross-departmental collaboration.”

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Episode #110: Project Management for You with Cesar Abeid

How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

cesar abeidThe key to reaching any goal is understanding the importance of breaking down the steps necessary to reach it, and implementing those steps in a methodical way.

In others words, it’s a lot like Project Management.

Cesar Abeid is my guest today. He is the author of the bestselling book,Project Management for You: How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality, Deliver on Your Promises, and Get Things Done.

“We live in the information age,” Cesar reminds us, “and we are knowledge workers. Our value is not in what we know, but how we use what we know according to each circumstance.”

To join my conversation with Cesar, simply hit the play button below. I know you’re going to get a lot out of it.

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Episode #107: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast with Jeff Sanders

Author, 5 AM Miracle

Jeff SandersI first met Jeff Sanders in the spring of 2013, right about the time both of us were set to launch our podcasts.

Since then, a lot has happened. Both Jeff and I have seen our shows nominated for multiple awards, we’ve both had the chance to speak at a number of conferences, and quite a bit more.

In Jeff’s case, his journey also included being offered a book deal about this time last year. 5 AM Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast, out now, is the one we discuss today. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Jeff has positioned himself as the guy who bounces out of bed when most of us are sound asleep. He understands what it takes to tackle big goals and actually achieve them again and again. In fact, since he first launched the weekly 5 AM Miracle podcast on July 1, 2013, he has yet to miss a single Monday (126 and counting).

To join my conversation with Jeff, simply hit the play button below. I know you’re going to get a lot out of it.

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