Episode #135: 18 Income Streams From a Single Book

With Author Kary Oberbrunner

Kary OberbrunnerI am supper excited about this week’s episode, mainly because I’m convinced it can change your life!

Former guest Kary Oberbrunner is back. Not only is he speaking today on the 18 streams of income you can generate from writing a single book, but he’s also agreed to share even more in a FREE 90-minute training webinar I’ll be hosting. 

When you register, you’ll snag some free resources right away. And, everyone attending live also gets a free gift.


Even if you’re already an author, you’re going to learn a lot on today’s episode and on the webinar. You see, Kary has created three six-figure businesses around his last three books. And, he wants to show you how!

Join in on our chat below

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Episode #134: How to Carve Out Creative Space

With Amy Whitaker, author of Art Thinking

amy whitakerUp until a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of Amy Whitaker or her new book.

It’s awesome publications though like Success Magazine (I’ve been a subscriber since 2013) that have introduced me to new books and up-and-coming authors I might have otherwise missed. 

Amy’s new book is Art Thinking: How to Carve Out Creative Space in a World of Schedules, Budgets, and Bosses, and it officially releases today, July 5, 2016. 

Amy believes business thinkers can learn from artists and writers. To that Success Magazine says, “At a time when science, technology, engineering and math threaten to crowd the humanities out of American universities, Whitaker’s approach could not be more timely.” 

Her book lays out a program for cultivating art thinking, and “how to leverage creative failure into progress, inventions, and new products or services.”

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Episode #118: Build Your Business and Live Your Dream

Kimanzi Constable, co-author of Stop Chasing Influencers

Kimanzi ConstableIn the past 12 months since we last heard from Kimanzi Constable (Episode #069), he’s had some pretty amazing things happen.

He continues to write for ever more mainstream publications like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, MindBodyGreen, Success and The Good Men Project. This, more than anything, has afforded him the opportunity to do more speaking and corporate training than ever. In fact, Kimanzi traveled over 100,000 miles last year, and expects to do even more this year as he visits Germany, Japan and many other places for the first time.

He calls it a lifestyle business. He loves to travel. Because of his hustle, he (and sometimes his wife) are able to travel together expense free, all while Kimanzi is getting paid a fee to boot. How awesome is that?

We talk about this and much more, including diving into his new book with Jared Easley called Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path to Building a Business and Living Your Dream.

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Episode #115: Pat Flynn Helps You Validate Your Business Idea

From the New Book Will It Fly?

Pat FlynnPat Flynn calls himself the “crash-test dummy of online business.” He’s also extremely successful at it. But that wasn’t always the case.

After losing his job as an architect in 2008 as the U.S. economy struggled, Pat turned to the internet for a possible new career path. In the months and years that followed, learning all he could about being an online entrepreneur, Pat launched the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast as a way to teach and inspire others who craved the same freedoms he’d come to enjoy.

Those platforms have enabled him to do work he loves – helping other passionate entrepreneurs build and grow successful online businesses. Like me, Pat says that being let go was the best thing to ever happen to him.  

After first appearing on Episode #007 back in 2013, Pat returns to chat about his latest book, Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money.

To join my conversation with Pat, simply hit the play button below. You are sure to learn a lot.

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Episode #113: How to Crush Your Next Media Interview

Based on Three Decades of Experience

There was a time when a stage or platform was strictly borrowed by the one with the talent.

To sing for a living meant you needed a record deal. To write for a living meant you needed a publishing contract. In my case, to talk into a microphone for a living meant you first had to “run the board” at odd hours and for minimum wage until the program director decided you were ready for more responsibility.  

radio studio

Those fortunate enough to be given a platform kept it on the condition they continued to make the gatekeepers money and/or look good. In the words of Janet Jackson, it was very much a “What have you done for me lately?” kind of world.

In many ways this model is still in play of course. But, as more solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and other content creators continue to spring up from what are arguably the ashes of the industrial age, the ability of the average person to leverage these larger, more traditional, platforms has been strengthened.

Click the Play button to listen to the episode, or scroll down for the written highlights.

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