An Encore and Ad-Free Presentation: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity

A Conversation with August Turak

august turakAugust Turak is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, award winning writer, and author.

His book, which we discuss at length, is Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity (Columbia Business School Publishing).

He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Selling Magazine, the New York Times, and Business Week, and is a popular leadership contributor at Forbes. And, he rocks!

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Augie, as his friends call him, shares how he defines career, leadership, and business success. Simply put, at the center of a great business and a great life is service and selflessness.

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An Encore and Ad-Free Presentation: A Conversation with Seth Godin

What To Do When It's Your Turn

seth godinThis is an encore and ad-free presentation of my conversation with Seth Godin, originally released in January 2015.

It has been edited since its original publication and is better than ever. If you’ve never heard it, you must. But even if you have, I think you’ll agree it’s worthy of a repeat listen. Not because of me, but because of Seth.

Since Seth and I first talked, he blogged about similar topics and even linked to Read to Lead in his post. Uh, yeah, I was thrilled to say the least.

If you don’t know his work, Seth is the author of 18 bestsellers that have been translated into 35 languages. His latest is What to do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn). He’s the founder of several companies, a member of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and an influential speaker around the world.

He writes about treating people with respect, the changing economy and ideas that spread. Mostly, he creates projects, many of which end up failing.

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Episode #133: Breaking the Trust Barrier with JV Venable

How Leaders Close the Gaps for High Performance

jv venableToday’s guest, JV Venable, has done some pretty amazing things during the course of his life.

He is a graduate of the USAF’s Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun anyone?), and he’s flown fighter aircraft all over the world.

He has led individuals, teams, and organizations as large as 1,100 people at the highest ends of performance and risk in both peacetime and combat, including serving as the commander and demonstration leader of the USAF jet demonstration team, the Thunderbirds.

I know, right?

He is also an inspirational speaker, seminar leader, and coach on building high-performance teams, and his new book is Breaking the Trust Barrier: How Leaders Close the Gaps for High Performance.

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Episode #132: Self-Help for the Rest of Us with Terry Lancaster

From the #1 bestseller Better!

terry lancasterMy guest today lives in my town, but we’ve never met. His name is Terry Lancaster.

Suffice it to say it won’t be long before we do meet face-to-face. He’s pretty awesome.

He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and #1 best selling author. He helps salespeople and entrepreneurs create better lives and build better businesses one step at a time using the power of habit, focus and flow.

He is a TEDx speaker and his articles have appeared in Forbes and The Good Men Project.

Terry’s #1 bestselling book is Better! Self-Help for the Rest of Us.

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Episode #131: The Startling Effect Others Have On You…And What to Do About It

With Dr. Henry Cloud, author of The Power of the Other

Dr. Henry CloudMost leadership coaching focuses on helping leaders build their skills and knowledge, and close gaps in their performance.

That’s great, but not enough.

Clinical psychologist, author, and international speaker Dr. Henry Cloud believes that the best performers draw on another vital resource: personal and professional relationships that fuel growth and help them surpass current limits.

In fact, Dr. Cloud says that while popular wisdom suggests that we should not allow others to have power over us, the reality is they do, for better or worse. We don’t have a choice whether or not others have power in our lives, but we can choose what kinds of relationships we want.

Dr. Cloud’s latest book (he’s written over 30 –  including New York Times bestsellers) is The Power of the Other: The startling effect people have on you, from the boardroom to the bedroom and beyond – and what to do about it.

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