Episode #083: 5 (Author-Hosted) Podcasts You Should Be Subscribed To

Especially if Personal and Professional Growth are a Priority

joggerToday, I’m delighted to bring to you the 5 podcasts I believe you must listen to if personal and professional growth are important to you.

As I finished putting this list together, I realized all five happen to be hosted by authors. Go figure. It honestly wasn’t intentional on my part, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. As you probably know, I consider today’s business book authors to be among our brightest minds.

So, in no particular order, here are five podcasts I strongly believe to be worthy of your time especially if you consider personal and professional growth a priority.

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Episode #082: One Bed, One Bank Account with Derek and Carrie Olsen

Better Conversations on Money and Marriage

derek olsenMy guest today is one half of the Olsen team otherwise known as Derek and Carrie.

These two have a very unique story; one that includes going through a short sale on a house in order to avoid foreclosure, while at the same time planning their wedding. Yikes!

Just a few years removed from that experience they are celebrating parenthood (their daughter is one year old), enjoying the distinction of having written a book together and –  having sold nearly all their possessions to purchase a travel trailer – roaming the country hosting meet ups with fans of their podcast and holding book signing events at local stores.

They are a couple that truly understands what it means to live life in the moment.

In One Bed, One Bank Account: Better Conversations on Money and Marriage, Derek and Carrie share their belief in open, honest and transparent communication on finances in marriage. It was this belief that equipped them to survive, among other things, that short sell.

They share their message of hope in their book, their podcast, and at live speaking engagements around the country.

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Episode #081: Smartcuts with Shane Snow [Podcast]

How Hackers, Innovators and Icons Accelerate Success

shane snowThe new book from today’s guest is one of my favorite to come along in a while. I honestly had no idea I would enjoy it as much as I did.

It wasn’t until after I’d read Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators and Icons Accelerate Success, the first but most certainly not the last book from Shane Snow, that I realized I was far from alone. Bestselling author Adam Grant calls it, “One of the most entertaining and thought-provoking books of the year.”

David Carr of the New York Times calls Shane, “A clear, beautiful writer who does not succumb to aphorism and business gobbledygook.”

In short, this is a narrative adventure that bucks common sense about success. Like computer hackers, a handful of innovators in every era use lateral thinking to find better routes to stunning accomplishments. Shane tells the stories of innovators who dared to work differently and lays out practical takeaways for the rest of us.

If you’re ready to “make a dent in the universe” and buck the norms doing it, this is  your book.

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Episode #080: Time Management Magic with Lee Cockerell

lee cockerellFor about as long as I can remember, I’ve been an early adopter.

Remember those things called PDAs? No, not that kind of PDA. Personal Digital Assistants. I was one of the first people I knew who had one. I got the strangest looks when I came into meetings tapping away on my new toy with that stylus thingy. But boy did I love it. Now, in a world of smartphones and apps, the PDA seems quite quaint.

It seems nearly everyone, myself included, wen all digital long ago. In fact, not since the year 2000 have I used an analogue system to keep track of appointments and to-dos. But, I must admit, not since the year 2000 have I felt truly organized. Mind you I’ve experimented with just about every productivity app there is. I’ve even tried to adopt iPad apps that mimic the appearance and feel of a traditional day planner. No matter what I’ve tried, I’ve eventually stopped using it. Every. Single. Time.

So, after finishing Time Management Magic: How to Get More Done Every Day and Move from Surviving to Thriving, the new book from today’s guest Lee Cockerell, I’ve decided to go back to using a traditional day planner for my day-to-day schedule, to-do list, notes, and more. I’m not foregoing digital systems entirely. My online calendars will continue to be central to my system. However, for me, and maybe for you, there’s just something about writing things down that makes a huge difference.

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